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Artwork and FAQ
The basic rule is: The better the artwork the better the finished result. 
Artwork Requirements:
  • Vector created art to size
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 versions or below
  • High resolution (at least 300dpi) jpeg clear scans can be used provided you only require basic or contour cut logos.
  • Vector artwork created in illustrator should be saved as an eps or pdf.
  • PDF files are great to check any artwork has not defaulted during sending process.
  • All text/type is to be converted to outlines/curves
Cutting of Digital Transfers
The transfers are printed onto special rubber then cuted out using the cutting plotter. There are a number of ways we can cut the transfers and this will determine the price of the transfers. 
There is the Basic cut, Contour cut and Complex cut.  See below for more information.